Standard Containment

Standard Containment with
Integrated Weighing

High Containment

High Containment with
Integrated Weighing

Material Transfer Station [patent pending]

The EHS Material Transfer Station is a small footprint workstation that improves operator safety during the material transfer and weighing process. This innovative modular system allows the integration of existing and proven technology to achieve containment levels to below 1 μg/m³.

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Common Configurations

The following are four common configurations of the Material Transfer Station, visit each page to learn more about the configuration:

Standard Containment

Standard Containment with Integrated Weighing

High Containment

High Containment with Integrated Weighing

Process Diagrams

Click on the following icons to download a PDF that illustrates a process summary for each of the Material Transfer Station configurations.

Rigid Glovebox Isolator

The EHS Material Transfer Station can be designed with a rigid glovebox isolator for highly toxic products and APIs requiring closed transfers. The oxygen concentration and pressure in the glovebox can be controlled using a programable logic controller to maintain a safe working environment. Integrated spray balls can be used with a wash-in-place system to quickly wash the glovebox between batches.

Modular Design

To increase the utility of this equipment, EHS has developed a quick and easy change over from an open transfer system to a high containment system. The open transfer system uses a full perimeter dust extraction device to capture fugitive dust while the high containment system uses a Restricted Access Barrier System (RABS).

This modular design offers two levels of containment controls to accommodate the full span of compounds.

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Operator Centric Design

By designing around an analysis of operator movements during the drum charging process, an unmatched level of safety, operating simplicity, and functionality is achieved. A drum can be raised, lowered, and tipped into the proper position by using a single hand or foot control. This approach to drum handling allows the operator to easily control the product flow during the entire charging process.

Dust Extraction

The integrated EHS Ventilation Sleeve provides localized dust extraction to contain airborne dust and vapor. The full perimeter slot design provides 360 degrees of extraction to ensure that proper air velocity is maintained in the dust zone despite obstructions, such as an operator's hands or a drum liner.


EHS embraces a customizable design philosophy allowing our products to conform to particular application needs. During the design phase, the EHS engineering team analyzes the application to develop a custom comprehensive material handling solution. By using standard options as well as custom-designed features, a GMP operator-centric design can be achieved.


The design of our Material Transfer Stations allow full wash-down capabilities and access to all surfaces and components. With no sealed panels that could leak or collect water, the design of the stations ensure that all the cleaning solution will fully rinse from the frame.

Surface Finish

EHS Solutions offers several different surface finish options to fit your application needs.

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