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Ventilation Sleeve

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Localized dust and vapor extraction at point of product transfer.

EHS containment products provide customizable, easy-to-implement, and highly cleanable engineering controls for dust control at the point of product transfer.

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Dust Extraction

The EHS Ventilation Sleeve provides localized dust extraction to contain airborne dust and vapor. The full perimeter slot design provides 360 degrees of extraction to ensure that proper air velocity is maintained in the dust zone despite obstructions, such as an operator’s hands or a drum liner.


The Ventilation Sleeve shape and size can be customized to fit most applications. Various mounting methods are used to position the sleeve in the application opening.


EHS containment products have removable covers that provide wipe-down access to all surfaces of the sleeve.

Surface Finish

EHS Solutions offers several different surface finish options to fit your application needs.

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Application Library

EHS has developed an Application Library to demonstrate how the containment products can be adapted to work with a variety of applications. The list can serve as a starting point for developing a solution tailored to specific application needs and is not an exhaustive list of the possible applications.